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Does my holster come with a warranty?

All standard N8 Tactical holsters and magazine carriers (does not apply to apparel) come with a two week trial period. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase within this two week period N8 Tactical will buy back your order (less shipping and handling). Once your two week trial is up your N8 Tactical holster or magazine carrier carries a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty will cover repair or replacement of the holster if it fails under normal or standard use. This warranty DOES NOT cover shipping and handling from you to N8 Tactical or return shipping from N8 Tactical to you, meaning you will be responsible to pay a $10 shipping and handling fee upon completion of the warranty repair or replacement. If an item fails and the item has been discontinued you will be offered an upgrade to a current product for $15 ($10 shipping and handling + $5 upgrade fee). If it is determined by N8 Tactical that a holster has been misused or used in a fashion that is not approved by N8 Tactical the lifetime warranty may be voided.

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